Joseph Frederic Brennan


Daily Gleaner, August 18, 1955

Mr. Joseph F. Brennan,
ex-Meteorologist dies

Met.S., retired Meteorologist, died at his residence
in Kingston on Tuesday at the age of 98. At the outbreak
of World War II when he voluntarily gave up, he had been
connected with the island's weather service for nearly 50
   With his passing the island
loses its foremost weather-
man. Mr. Brennan, in asso-
ciation with Mr. Maxwell Hall,
was mainly responsible for
establishing a central observa-
tory in Jamaica, which includ-
ed the Issuing of storm warn-
ings, improved regulation of
rain gauges and the publica-
tion of monthly weather re-
   In 1891 Mr. Brennan was for-
mally appointed Assistant to the
Government Meteorologist, Mr.
Hall, and upon the death of Mr.
Hall in 1920 was given the senior
   His sister, Agnes, died on July
27 last.
   Born in Kingston on Septem-
ber 13, 1857, Mr. Brennan was
educated at the Kingston Col-
legiate School. He entered the
Public Works Department as an
Assistant Draughtsman in 1874
and was promoted Assistant Su-
perintendent of Works in 1883.
   Advanced to Superintendent of
Works in 1887. he was in charge
of works for eight parishes at dif-
ferent times.
   Mr. Brennan was promoted In-
specting Engineer for the Eastern
Division in February 1915. He
retired from the Public Works
Department in 1919.
   His funeral took place yesterday
afternoon. After service in
the Roman Catholic Cathedral, his
remains were interred in Calvary