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                       1840s cricket match            

in the 1860s

[Mclntyre's Pen, - now known as Winchester Park,
on the site of the present St. George's College.]

Daily Gleaner, November 29, 1868

Cricket was an important part of  school life at Collegiate.

It is of interest to note that it was in 1864 that overarm bowling became legal
'Law 10 was rewritten to allow the bowler to bring his arm through at any height providing he kept it straight and did not throw the ball.'

the great Alfred Mynn of Kent, in the first half of the 19th century, of course bowled 'round arm'
                                          As the changing seasons pass,
As our champion lies a-sleeping underneath the Kentish grass,

Proudly, sadly will we name him - to forget him were a sin.
Lightly lie the turf upon thee, kind and manly Alfred Mynn!
1860s cricket bat



>>>    the founding of the Kingston Cricket Club in 1863    <<<

Some accounts of the early KCC suggest that it absorbed the Collegiate CC; certainly Collegiate Old Boys  were involved with the KCC, but the Collegiate School definitely continued to field a cricket team against other schools and clubs.


in the 1870s

Daily Gleaner, June 6, 1870
in the 1880s

Daily Gleaner, June 13, 1881

in the 1890s

Daily Gleaner, September 18, 1899

in the 1900s

Daily Gleaner, March 19, 1900

Daily Gleaner, May 28, 1900


Daily Gleaner, June 6, 1900 


When the Collegiate School closed in 1902 on the death of William Morrison the story of the Collegiate Cricket Club came to an end. 


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