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Two years after John Radcliffe started the Collegiate School in 1853, Andrew Milne, a graduate of Aberdeen University, was appointed assistant minister and joined the staff of the school. In 1863, William Morrison, another Aberdeen graduate, completed the team which shaped Collegiate.

 Educational Return of the Church of Scotland,
11 February 1864
The Collegiate School: A large boarding and
day school, whose object as designed, and in
so many instances carried out, is to give
education similar to that in Great Britain
and to
prepare for the Army, the University,
and for the
merchant's office. The scholars
number 98, 26
of whom are boarders.
Presided over by Rev. Mr. Milne.
         Colonial Standard, August 3, 1864
It is interesting to see how well integrated into Jamaican issues William Morrison already was after less than two years in the island. He became so deeply rooted here that he never left the island for the rest of his life.
This advertisement from 1864 does not have a great deal to do with the Collegiate School except to confirm its continued existence. And I am not sure what the Certificate for teachers that is referred to, actually was.
However the following extract provides a partial explanation:

Daily Gleaner, January 14 1896
Wm. Morrison Esq., M.A. delivered a sympathetic speech to his fellow workmen. He was appointed Secretary to the old Board of Examiners in 1865 at £3 per month, and the Government devoted £3,000 per annum to elementary education. That year 68 teachers came up to be examined of whom 6 passed, 2 of them being still alive. He heartily congratulated the teachers on the great progress they were making as shown by the Conference that day.
[from report on 1896 Jamaica Union of Teachers Conference.]

There should be more information on the Collegiate School in the Colonial Standard and possibly other papers before 1865; I will have to get back to the microfilm readers!
 Colonial Standard, December 22, 1864
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The Collegiate School in 1866:
This advertisement in January 1866 listed four teachers, Radcliffe, Milne and Morrison forming the core then, and later. I have found no further references so far to the Rev W Harper, except that he left Jamaica for British Guiana in 1868.

Colonial Standard, January 11, 1866
Then in March 1866 Milne announced that H A Joseph would be teaching Hebrew.

Daily Gleaner, March 12, 1866

Daily Gleaner, May 31, 1866

The Governor & the Public Schools

We learn that His Excellency Sir Henry Storks, G.C.B., visited the Rev Dr Milne yesterday, with
General O'Connor, C.B. and placing himself
under the immediate guidance of the worthy
Doctor, requested that he would afford him
some information regarding education in
Kingston, and conduct him through a few of
the principal institutions where he might inspect
and examine the pupils. Dr. Milne in yielding to
the desire of His Excellency conducted him to
the Collegiate School where he examined the
boys in the higher branches of study (Latin,
Greek and Mythology
,) to Wolmer's School,
where he expressed himself greatly pleased
– particularly so with the appearance of the girls –
and to the Mico Institution under the
superintendence of Mr. Martin, where he
expressed himself equally delighted. His
Excellency has requested Dr. Milne to prepare
some practical suggestions, for the guidance
of this Government, in propagating the interests
of sound education throughout the Colony. His Excellency could not have confided this important task to more competent hands than the Rev. Dr. Milne.

[Storks was briefly Governor of Jamaica between the removal of Eyre and the appointment of Grant.]

The prize list for the School in the following month
gives an idea of its size, pupils and curriculum. (click on image below for full list)

Then the next half year or semester started within a month; school children then worked through the heat of August!

 At the end of that half year the new Governor chaired the examination and prize-giving function. 

Daily Gleaner, December 26, 1866


The Christmas Examination of the pupils of the Collegiate School took place on the 19th. The spacious hall was densely filled with visitors. His Excellency the
Governor took the chair, supported by Major-General
O'Connor, C.B.; the Hon. L. Q. Bowerbank, Custos of
Kingston, and the Hon, Henry Westmorland, Custos of
Metcalfe. After the examination of writings, &c., and
some excellent display of Elocution, which was
greatly applauded, the prizes were distributed by his Excellency.                                                                            >>>


The boys having formed in line, his Excellency
addressed them briefly to the following effect:-

He was there, he said, in the same relation to Mr.
Milne, as the boys were; he was told to do certain things
and his duty was to obey. He was greatly satisfied at witnessing the progress the young men were making in their studies, and glad to find that there was such an
institution in the island as the Collegiate School, of which any Colony might be proud. His friend Dr. Milne had informed him that there was great necessity for the establishment of a College in this island, and he perfectly agreed with him - an institution in which they could spend the few years remaining to them before they enter the difficult path of early manhood. If the Colony should speedily return to the enjoyment of prosperity he would have much pleasure in giving support and encouragement to the establishment of such a desirable institution. His Excellency
announced a vacation till the 23rd January next.

[The Governor in this instance was Sir John Peter Grant who
arrived in Jamaica in August 1866]

Click on the image below for the complete prize list.

The Collegiate School in 1867:

                Daily Gleaner, July 20, 1867

(click on images below for 1867 prize lists)

   Daily Gleaner, June 20, 1867

Daily Gleaner, December 23, 1867
       The Collegiate School in 1868:

            Daily Gleaner, January 16, 1868
             Daily Gleaner, June 23, 1868
                     (click on image)

 Daily Gleaner, July 18, 1868

I have not yet found the prize list for December 1868, but there is a
detailed account of the prizegiving which gives an interesting picture
of what such a school function was like in the 1860s. Click on the
image below to read the account:

    The Collegiate School in 1869:

Daily Gleaner, January 07, 1869
Daily Gleaner, June 21, 1869
                                       (click on image)
It is of considerable interest that the names of
W Gordon and
J Gordon appear in the Class
Prize List for June 1869. I believe that 'Joseph Gordon' is Joseph Milward Gordon, the prominent Black politician in St Catherine in the 1880s, who is
stated to have attended the Collegiate School.

I have found no further information
for the school in 1869.



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