Burglary at the Collegiate School

On August 15, Sir John Lucie Smith introduced the cases in the Circuit Court in Kingston for
the second quarter of 1870, which was long enough to require a second judge to be brought
in to cope with it!

'Although the list of cases is a long one, it is satisfactory to notice that there are
no charges of Homicide, and but few of the more aggravated descriptions of crime, and in this respect the present calendar contrasts favourably with the last.

Of offences against the person there are but two, in one of which a woman named Letitia McMickan is accused of stabbing the man with whom she cohabited under circumstances of considerable provocation, and in the other a wound was inflicted
with a cricket stump by one young man upon another in the course of an altercation on the Race Course.

The Calendar, Gentlemen, may be classified as follows :-

Obtaining money under false pretences                                1

Wounding                                                                                       4

Forgery                                                                                            3

Escape                                                                                             4

Indecent assaults upon women and children                       5

Housebreaking and larceny, and other similar offences  35

                                                                                             [Total] 50'

        Daily Gleaner, July 29, 1870 
There is a list of other later robberies, but none are noted
as referred to the Circuit Court.

Daily Gleaner,
       . . . .
Daily Gleaner, August 18, 1870
And that, unfortunately, seemed to be that: but in the following year another item from the courts seemed to suggest that 'James Abrahams' was  aka John Turney, an old lag, with a long record. It is not entirely clear that this was so - but what was the actual explanation?

Daily Gleaner,  April 20, 1871
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