An account of the Collegiate School Prize Giving at Christmas 1875, along with the list of the prizes

 Daily Gleaner, December 21, 1875
 Daily Gleaner, December 24, 1875
Andrew Hendricks appears as a prize winner at Christmas 1875; after leaving school he joined the staff and became a valued assistant to the Principal, William Morrison, who expressed his gratitude for Hendricks' work and support at the prize giving in the summer of 1891:

 'The principal said that before the chairman commenced his address he would like to repair a very grievous omission on his part and that was to thank his co-workers. He referred especially to Mr. Hendricks who had been with him, man and boy, for over 23 years, and to the teachers of the junior department, (cheers).'

On November 30, 1875, Kingston experienced one of its too frequent fires; this was not the 'Big One' - that came 7 years later - but it was severe enough to underline once again the city's fragility, with its wooden buildings and shingle roofs that still persisted, and its totally inadequate fire-fighting capabilities.

                   Daily Gleaner, December 1, 1875
Daily Gleaner, December 30, 1875
(This is the better of two rather poor versions of this list.)
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