"Old Boys" and their memories of the Collegiate School 
Horace Myers as a young cricketer

Daily Gleaner, October 24, 1921

"Old Boys"

I was instrumental in resuscitating the Kingston Collegiate Cricket Club many years ago. In point of fact there was such a  close call for Captain that I tied with Mr. Willie Morrison and another man (laughter). Eventually Mr. Willie Morrison was elected Captain, because I distinctly said I would not be captain (laughter). ln order to justify myself as a renowned cricketer in  my school days I will tell you that I was always placed on "both sides" when we played a match (laughter). I may say that in days of old Mr. Willie Morrison used to bowl me "tip and run" in the backyard of the old Collegiate School, and I can claim being of great use in bringing into prominence, and in teaching the art of bowling to Mr. Charlie Morrison (laughter and cheers).