Events at the Collegiate Hall in 1876
Daily Gleaner, January 10, 1876 

The lecture(s) given by Miss Marsh were published, but copies are extremely rare, it seems. Certainly I haven't been able locate one, but I'll keep it on my list of things to look for! 
 Daily Gleaner, January 13, 1876
  Daily Gleaner, March 15, 1876
                                                                              Daily Gleaner, January 25, 1876
                                                                                   Daily Gleaner, March 30, 1876
                       Daily Gleaner, May 11, 1876
                Daily Gleaner, May 13, 1876
Henry Garland Murray

'Henry G. Murray, a black man,' Errol Hill, The Jamaican Stage

                    Daily Gleaner, August 3, 1876
                     Daily Gleaner,
                       Daily Gleaner, August 19, 1876
                     Daily Gleaner, August 23, 1876

The title of Radcliffe's lecture is very obscure; it comes from the Ars Poetica of the Roman poet, Horace, and refers to the Greek playwright Aeschylus introducing  flowing robes into Greek tragedy, as far as I can make out.  How that topic would relate to the members of the Early Closing Association I cannot figure out; I must be missing something!                       

                                                              Daily Gleaner
, November 14, 1876

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